The city has been complaining of weary limbs and aching bodies. While some people are blaming it on excessive running, experts point to a collaboration that's far more deadly. A collaboration that has resulted in not just runners, but the entire city of Mumbai racing around finding its reasons to run. The accused, Flying Cursor & Rickshaw present their side of the story. A story that spans on ground, off ground and on air.
Their motive was to attack from every direction. When people enter their digital world (online) or when they step out of it (on ground) or when they are stuck in traffic and want to listen to something other than honking (radio). All this to drive Mumbaikars to be a part of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2013 - Run For A Reason project.
Seasoned veterans and some young blood conspired and chalked out a foolproof plan.
Influential instagrammers were identified and persuaded (using means, whose details are best left out) to ruthlessly capture their reasons to run for Mumbai.
The instagrammers went from the Mahim Mela to the docks at Sewri and finally all over Mumbai shooting innocent people, sights and flavours of their city with Smartphones. Flying Cursor and Rickshaw filmed the instagrammers, thus giving enough evidence to convict the instagrammers as accomplices.
The Instagrammers' handiwork was splashed across the city - from coffee shops to a hoarding at Patel Bridge. Through plays staged in local trains, the gang also managed to reach the core of Mumbai City, urging it to run for a reason. And on the day of the marathon, those parts of the city captured by the instagrammers were displayed in all their splendour in a marquee wall.
A 600 foot marquee wall.
A hoarding across Patel Bridge, Marine Drive. (By the way, we think it's India's first instagram hoarding)
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