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Creating Social Presence


It’s a very noisy world out there and when you want to be heard, you need to stand out. We help brands build digital properties (sometimes we even extend this to on-ground properties), digital experiences and a unique social media presence across platforms. In short, we’re the guys to help you stand up, stand out, stand loud and stand proud. So if you’re looking for someone to give your brand the edge it deserves, call us maybe?



Ideas and innovation go hand in hand. Our technology team understands this better than anybody. They complement every great concept that emerges with stellar innovation, giving it solid form and turning it into reality. What more can one ask for?



Websites and first impressions. Same thing. Your website is your face and your representation on the internet and that makes it vital. It needs to be interactive, intuitive, utilitarian and gorgeous to boot. Thankfully, we can do all that and more. We combine the superpowers of creative copy, design and technology to give you an online destination for your brand, not a website. Because, you know, websites are just so 2013.


From digital ad promos to Insta videos and vines….we cover it all. Stuck on what style of video to do? Well we can help with spoofs, parodies or stop motion – just take your pick. From conceptualising to execution to promotion, we’re your one-stop destination when you want to make mind blowing video content. In addition, when we’re feeling extra inspired, we come up with video ideas for ourselves too! Go ahead, take a look.



Your campaign may be awesome. But there really is no point to it all if no one sees it. Though our media and search wizards, we ensure that your campaign and all that you want to say reaches the right folks. Because it’s all about being at the right place at the right time.

We’re a digital agency.
We help brands create conversations that are not just relevant, but interesting, inspiring and rewarding.

We merge technology and social sharing, communities and passion, writing and design, film and popular culture, photography
and our curiosity for all things happening around us; to create experiences, loyalty and love on the internet.
Along the way, we also have mad amounts of fun.

We are Flying Cursor.
We are fresh, new, bold and besotted by the power of ideas.